When’s the last time your accountant came to you and said
“here’s an idea I think will save you money?”

Tax Planning and Preparation Services

Westcross is a full service tax and accounting firm with a passion to help America’s small to mid-size business owners and individuals. We offer proactive tax planning, tax preparation and complete accounting and payroll. High tax rates and the complexity of the current tax code are persistent problems for small business owners and individuals. We love to help our clients read IRS speak and translate it into plain English.

Quality accounting and proactive tax planning are the keys to keeping your hard earned money in your pocket and we can help you do just that. Westcross has been a trailblazer in remote services since its inception. Although our brick and mortar office is in Florida, we service clients all over the country. By effectively utilizing technology available today, we can help you with your tax and accounting needs no matter where you’re located. For more information contact us today.