Get To Know A Little
About Us

KymKym – Enrolled Agent

Phone: (321) 473-7211

Areas of expertise:
Enrolled Agent, Tax Planner, Certified QuickBooks® Pro Advisor

Kym is the girl power of the company and our fearless leader. It’s hard to say where we would be without her vision and energy. She as a tenacious spirit when comes to getting the job done and getting it done right.

She started out at a small business as a bookkeeper and throughout the years she has developed into an accountant, tax professional and business owner. Not the type to rest on her laurels, she is continually expanding her education.

Kym is licensed by the Internal Revenue Service as an Enrolled Agent, but she’s never let that stop her from having a pleasurable personality.

Kym continually supports her clients, both individuals and businesses, with proactive tax planning, advice and preparation. She reads IRS speak and then communicates back in English, which is a great blessing to her clients. She is continually educating herself on current tax laws throughout the year to minimize corporate and individual tax liabilities.

Kym also loves helping people with their accounting. She has assisted many with installation, training and support of their accounting systems and customizing QuickBooks® software to meet their particular requirements. If it weren’t for her there would be many clients out there still using a napkin or legal pad for their profit & loss statements. In her spare time Kym leads a 12 step recovery program for business owners who are still using Microsoft Excel to keep their books.

What would we do without Kym? Although it’s hard to imagine; the closest thing might be what took place right after the tower of Babel incident.

Kym is lovingly known in the office as the “Commander in Chief”.

Person IconBret – Client Services / Bookkeeper

Phone: (321) 473-7211

Areas of expertise:
Client Service, Accounting, Payroll, QuickBooks®

Clever, creative, capable; best describe Bret. Blessed with an insightful mind and an eloquent manner, Bret has the rare ability to see things that others miss and use that insight to find the perfect solution for any situation. He can then deliver that solution in simple terms that make complicated things easily understandable.

Bret will do anything asked of him and apply his personal touch and creativity to it. To say that he’s a bright guy would be an injustice. We have reason to believe he could be a best-selling novelist writing under a pen name when he’s not at the office, and he’s just not telling us.

Bret is a fantastic communicator and enjoys connecting with clients. He helps them stay on top of their businesses by having financials at their fingertips and keeps them compliant with their payroll taxes and sales tax filings. He could certainly “wow” everyone with his inspirational writing style if only there were more time for such things.

Simply put Bret gets it, and we’re so glad he does.

Bret is referred to as the “Bookkeeper Extraordinaire” around the office.

LowellLowell – Marketing / IT

Phone: (321) 473-7211

Areas of expertise:
Marketing, Internet, Computer Networking

Lowell is the creative talent behind Westcross. He handles the internet, marketing and IT face of the company. We are certain that he is a computer genius, though he’d never admit it. A true people person, we consider it a privilege to be able to work alongside him.

Witty and personable, most people would never believe that Lowell could spend so much time with a computer and still be such a wonderful conversationalist. We really don’t understand what he does, but he does it well so we leave him alone.

Lowell has a knack for networking and developing new business contacts, but he tends to work so intensely we fear that he doesn’t take a break for lunch nearly often enough. He will surely find his way into the Guinness Book of World Records for most cups of coffee consumed in one work day.

We’re not quite sure how someone so light hearted and humorous teamed up with book nerds, but we sure do appreciate his ability to view things from a completely different perspective. Not only does he make us look good, but he keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously.

If we didn’t have Lowell’s finesse, we would be doomed to be just another mundane business firm and that’s no fun.

Lowell is known in the office as the “Minister of Propaganda”.